Soundscape and electric vehicles

How does the “soundscape” change with the introduction of electric vehicles?

Because electric cars are much quieter than combustion engine cars, there is a reduction in noise pollution in urban areas. The constant traffic noise, which is usually dominated by the sounds of combustion engines, is decreasing. This can have a positive impact on the quality of life in cities, reducing stress and fostering a more peaceful environment.

The introduction of electric vehicles is leading to a significant change in the soundscape of cities.

This could lead to an evolution of the sound world around us, causing us to perceive new, fainter sounds that were previously obscured by the sound of the internal combustion engine, such as the sound made by moving tires on asphalt.

But these “new sounds” affect not only the cars themselves, but also everything around us.

Imagine observing a highway trafficked only by electric vehicles. We could almost hear the beating of wings of flocks flying over the highway skies.

And if one day a total conversion to electric takes place, it will be normal to “listentonature as the main sound source, having very low noise pollution.