Gianduia in Sound



Pernigotti is today the "lord" of Italian chocolate, unanimously known and recognized for its history (since 1860) and for the quality of its product, a perfect mix of artisan wisdom and carefully selected raw materials with an unmistakable flavor.


It offers consumers unforgettable moments of 'timeless' sweetness, strongly inspired by tradition. The current positioning is redefined without giving up its key points, evolving without distorting, working on a new distinctive and appealing brand promise. The uncovered area is clearly the empathic area, so there is a need to 're-magnetize' the consumer to self by rejuvenating and rewriting with the addition of new energies related to the sphere of emotion and indulgence.


BrandMozart created the sound identity for Pernigotti, the first audio branding project for a chocolate brand in iItaly, with the goal of creating a hypnotic, dreamlike fascination capable of capturing the listener and transporting him or her into the new sensory enchantment of Gianduia Pernigotti. To evoke pleasure and magic through the balance of comforting and beloved elements, like a recipe of sound that in its perfection does not need to be replaced. Chocolate great beauty, the crunchy sound of hazelnuts dives into a round, enveloping soul. The audio strategy is based on the idea of creating a sound identity that conveys the feeling of indulging in irresistible, classically contemporary pleasure.

The sound signature

Underlying the concept for the sound logo is an idea that conveys the feeling of indulging in irresistible, classically contemporary pleasure. The evocation of gianduia is portrayed with concrete and synthesized sounds, where hazelnuts are crushed and dipped into the living matter of chocolate. The saxophone, an expressive instrument par excellence, performs the main theme suggesting gluttonous refinement. The result invites the listener to discover the intense and enveloping taste of chocolate, stimulating his or her sweet tooth and senses.


Brand Music

The underlying theme of Pernigotti's new sound identity is based on the idea of creating a highly declinable sound DAN that enhances the brand's elegance and class, without sacrificing a dash of innovation and seduction. The piano combined with the sax, an elegant and versatile musical instrument, lends a touch of refinement and minimalism, recalling indelible sounds of the past. The result is a sound identity that with a simple and decisive message highlights the idea of a historical brand by elevating and ennobling it in a cult and glamorous key.


Sound adjectives

We created the "sound adjectives" for Pernigotti. Concrete and synthesized sounds encapsulate the taste of gianduia in seconds by providing an immersive sound experience.





Spotify Playlist

Pernigotti with the playlist project has decided to match the consumption of the product with an original and pleasant soundtrack, which is the perfect background music to match the consumption of chocolate, to experience moments of intense pleasure by combining music and chocolate. BrandMozart has created a series of playlists on Spotify matching them to the right Pernigotti musical mood, matching the organoleptic and sensory characteristics of the products to the corresponding musical styles so that there is a perfect match.