Mulino Bianco




The story of Mulino Bianco, the most famous of Italy's bakery brands, through a musical medley tracing its 40-year history


From "When the Mills Were White...", messages and music with great communicative power, which struck the hearts and imaginations of People. All these musics made millions of Italians dream and, by right, belong to the History of Television. Mulino Bianco wanted a song that traced the various stages of its sound communication for use at some celebratory events. From the 1970s with Carousel and the Nursery Rhymes, the first spelling book and the creation of the first official sound logo for the Mill. The 1980s with the little white miller and the happy valley. Leading up to the 1990s with the Mill family and nature in the city.


In the 40 years since its inception, Mulino Bianco has always been a brand that has strongly believed in advertising, launching commercials that have now entered the collective imagination of Italians. There have been many Mulino Bianco commercials and advertisements, often set inside the brand's iconic "mill," and they have also featured prominent endorsers such as artists and movie stars. BrandMozart has created a medley track that retraces its stages, creating an emotionally evocative sound path.

Brand Medley

The medley created by BrandMozart begins with music from the first Mulino Bianco commercial in 1976, with Franco Godi's historic jingle that would accompany Mulino Bianco commercials for a long time, becoming an integral part of brand recognition. In 1987, Mulino Bianco returned to communicate its values through a narrative that was entrusted to a "Girl with a Guitar" and her songs, signed by Bruno Lauzi. 1990 marked a new change of pace in Mulino Bianco advertising with the transformation of the brand into a real physical place with The Adventures of the Mulino Bianco Family and music by Ennio Morricone.