Forte dei Marmi




The official identity of Forte dei marmi, one of Italy's most iconic tourist destinations and a symbol of the dolce vita and the international jet set.


Turning a place into a brand is a delicate process that goes beyond simply juxtaposing a logo with a location. And this process becomes even more complex when different souls, each with its own culture, identity and tradition, come into play. BrandMozart's role has been to help this iconic city become a brand capable of embodying and conveying a clear, unique and shared ambition that reflects the diverse identities of the area and engages a wide range of stakeholders including citizens, public administration and the business community through a valuable brand strategy.


In line with its glorious past and future development strategies, the prestigious Versilia resort now has a new, strong and coordinated visual identity to make it a true brand and increase its recognizability and attractiveness in the eyes of tourists and investors today. The branding process begins with the design of the logo and the creation of its intense pay off Yesterday as Tomorrow, then going much further: a visual grammar is studied that uses the logo itself as a matrix, as if it were its DNA, translating the values of Forte dei Marmi into elements such as: the graphic sign, the colors, the photographic language, the typographic and illustrative style, and the new story telling.

The sound signature

The sound logo for Forte dei Marmi is a short and distinctive sound element that summarizes the essence of the seaside resort, known for its elegance and history. The sound logo is based on the theme "today as tomorrow," or the idea of enhancing the tradition and innovation of Forte dei Marmi, a place that does not change but renews itself. The sound logo has two parts: the first by an "ancient" piano with more dated sounds, recalling the past and class of Forte dei Marmi, and the second by a piano accompanied by more modern and creative sounds, representing the future and vitality of Forte dei Marmi. Both parts play the same melody, which is simple but harmonious, elegant but catchy, to create a contrast but also a continuity between the two parts, and to recall the concept of "today as tomorrow." The sound logo aims to communicate the identity and values of Forte dei Marmi, to create an emotional connection with potential visitors, to differentiate itself from other tourist resorts, and to strengthen memory and loyalty.


Brand Music

The brand song is inspired by the lo fi genre, that is, relaxing and pleasant music that creates a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. The brand song is enriched by typical maritime sounds of the locality, such as the sound of waves, boats, and seagulls, which create an evocative and engaging setting. The brand song aims to convey the emotions and feelings of Forte dei Marmi, to stimulate the interest and curiosity of potential visitors, to create consistency and continuity with the sound logo and sound design, and to strengthen the image and positioning of Forte dei Marmi.


Spotify Playlist

The playlist for Forte dei Marmi is a complementary and integrative sound element, offering a selection of third-party songs that echo the mood of the seaside resort, known for its elegance and charm. The playlist is available on Spotify, one of the most popular and popular music platforms, which allows it to reach a wide and varied audience. The playlist consists of a number of songs of different genres and styles, reflecting the personality and style of Forte dei Marmi.


Environmental sounds

Ambient sounds for Forte dei Marmi are an immersive and immersive sound element that create an evocative and realistic setting and are designed to evoke the various identities of Forte dei Marmi, from beach life to downtown life, and to create a variety and dynamic sound.