Sound House ®

A unique soundscape for your home



BrandMozart has developed a service to take background music and entertainment management to the highest level for upscale environments and private homes


Music affects people's moods in a positive way. This is shown by several studies on the subject that see quality of listening as a primary need. Therefore, to create valuable experiences, it is important to satisfy each element, and music corresponds to this need by helping to create unforgettable moments and impressions. More than any other place, the home environment corresponds to the search for one's individual soul, and it is therefore of paramount importance to be able to customize the enjoyment of sounds related to each environment. The comfort and exclusivity of an elegant and comfortable environment with the right music at the right time and the right listening volume. In the living area, during a formal dinner, or after a sweet awakening.


BrandMozart created Sonic Home® to take the background music management experience for private homes and villas to the highest level. The service involves the entire definition process from the design phase of audio playback systems interfacing with the Client's architects or developers, to the implementation of the control interface with a proprietary platform to the choice of music (whether original compositions or from a library) designed according to the most sophisticated needs of the host. All to meticulously reflect the genius loci of the house and the nuances of the client's personality as well as having the right music depending on the situation or function of the room.

The best
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BrandMozart designs and implements audio systems based on Sonos, Bose professional, Bower and Wilkins, or Bang & Olufsen products. The highest standards of audio quality along with the best materials and wiring for professionally made installations.

Functional Music

Not just entertainment music, BrandMozart will provide musical selections designed by experts in motor activities and neuroscience for a specific purpose such as gym training, yoga and autogenic training, concentration or meditation to sleep facilitation and body relaxation.


Customers will have a music library of more than 100 million songs along with original songs written and produced exclusively for them, with the ability to manage playlists from tablets or remotely by customizing the sound broadcast depending on the playback environment.

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BrandMozart uses a proprietary platform specifically for use in enterprise environments with over 100 million songs. One of our music selection specialists makes and compiles all playlists for environments from offices to manufacturing plants with entirely remote control. At any time of the day, 365 days a year you will have the right music at the right time in every environment of the company.

Easy and intuitive access to music for all employees

All company personnel through scanning a QR code or a dedicated link will have the opportunity to enjoy the music on their device through the company's official channel on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Soundcloud.


Not just background music, BrandMozart will provide musical selections designed by experts in motor activities and neuroscience for a specific purpose such as concentration or meditation, gym workouts, yoga and autogenic training to facilitating sleep and bodily relaxation while traveling by car, train or plane.


We created this piece to immerse ourselves in a relaxing and intimate atmosphere inside a living room. With a combination of acoustic instruments, electronic drums and synthesizers, this music is designed to create a perfect soundtrack for moments of rest and reflection.



A song created to accompany moments of relaxation and regeneration inside a bathroom. With a mix of nature-inspired sounds and soothing harmonies, this music transports the listener to an oasis of calm and serenity, allowing the listener to create a complete sensory experience during the time spent inside the bathroom.



We created this dynamic and engaging song to accompany physical activities inside a gymnasium. This pulsating, high-tempo music is designed to stimulate and motivate users during their workouts, creating an atmosphere of positive energy and determination. The rhythmic base features powerful percussion and pressing bass, constantly pulsating and inviting movement or exercises in time to the music.



A specially created musical composition to accompany the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of a spa. This music is designed to immerse guests in a total wellness experience, stimulating the senses and promoting a deep state of calm and tranquility.



It is a collection of music specially created for children, with the aim of stimulating their creativity, encouraging movement, fostering a fun learning experience, or more simply, to accompany them as they sleep. These tunes are designed to engage young listeners, offering a sound world full of color and imagination.



We created this song specifically to accompany moments of relaxation and help to reconcile deep and restful sleep. This music is designed to create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity, promoting a total relaxation experience before falling asleep.